USB Monitoring Tool

USB activity monitoring tool monitors connection and removal activities of USB storage devices. Software provides facility to restrict users from unauthorized access of important information, confidential files and folders, stored data etc. through USB drives. USB monitoring software facilitates administrator to change the access and permission settings of the USB port devices.

General Settings

General Settings

Includes USB access settings, Log settings, Start – up settings, privacy settings.

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Password Protection

Password Protection

Password protected USB plug-in plug-out activity monitoring software helps to restrict unauthorized access of software.

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Send Log

Maintain Log

Software provides option to view as well as export log file in HTML or Text file format. Utility also keeps backup of log.

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Software Features :-
Email settings
Email settings
You can send text log of recorded data and image captured by camera via Email settings. Adjust Email settings, FTP settings, Camera settings and Import & Export settings. More Details
FTP settings
FTP settings
Software provide facility to upload log files and captured image via FTP server. More Details
Camera settings
Camera settings
USB data theft protection tool is capable to capture photos of unauthorized user if camera is enabling on your PC. USB security software provides an option to capture photo during connection and removal of USB devices. More Details
Import & Export settings
Import & Export settings
software provides export and import settings facility which allows users to export current settings to file and import saved settings from file. USB data theft prevention tool facilitates users to export current settings and import saved settings later. More Details

Software Highlights

Monitors plug-in & plug-out activities: Software tracks connection/removal activities of USB devices and send log on specified email or upload it on FTP server as per your settings.

Block or restrict USB port access: USB drive anti theft software provides option to give full permission, restrict access (read only) or block USB port access.

Runs completely in stealth mode: Password protected USB Data Security Software provides privacy options to run your software completely in hidden mode.

USB Package

DRPU USB Data Theft Protection Software

Software monitors connection and removal activities of USB devices, block or restrict USB port access, maintain log and send it to specified email id or upload it on FTP server as per your prior settings. USB Data Theft Protection Tool is usb traffic monitoring program to capture and display overall malicious activities of the USB mass storage devices configured on your PC. Software provides details of USB storage devices including system details, user details, USB details and network details etc.

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USB Monitoring tool

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Software Also Provides Following Settings
USB Access Settings
usb setting
Software Provides USB Access Settings to enable or disable USB ports on your pc which prevents unauthorized access.
Start-up Settings
start up
USB Monitoring Software provides Start - up setting option to run the software secretly at windows start up in hidden mode.
Privacy Settings
Using Privacy Settings you can remove installed program from desktop, All programs etc or you can also hide the program folder.
Log Settings
log setting
Using Log Settings, You can specify the maximum size of text log from 10 KB to 2048 KB. When specified size limit achieves, the backup file of log will be created.
Log Format
log format
Software provides facility to view text log details of connected USB media device in Standard or Deatiled Format using Log Format.
Security Settings
security setting
USB Data theft monitoring Software also provide facility to set or change Password with the help of security settings.